Jimmy Carr

Jimmy Carr

1: Growing up in the ‘nice bit’ of Slough, Carr graduated in Social and Political Sciences from Cambridge but floated around aimlessly for a while, even training to be a psychotherapist for a bit.

2: Disenchanted with his eventual life in marketing at Shell, enthusiastically snapping up the voluntary redundancy that was on offer to embark on a career in stand-up.

3: He made his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001 as part of the Rubberneckers troupe. You may have heard of the other three acts on the bill: Robin Ince, Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais.

4: In 2004, Jimmy Carr and Jim Davidson went head to head through their legal representatives over a joke about overweight ladies which the former claimed the latter nick nicked. Among the most vocal critics of Carr’s often borderline routines are Michael Parkinson, Arthur Smith and Anne Widdecombe.

5: Carr can be briefly spotted in the audience of Dara O’Briain’s 2006 DVD shot at London’s Theatre Royal. Curiously, Carr looks the least amused person in the entire crowd but we can put down this down to the fact that, as a student of comedy, he is probably concentrating really, really hard at the mechanics of the set rather than not finding any of it funny. We think.

Playhouse, Edinburgh, Sun 20 Dec.

Jimmy Carr: Laughter Therapy

Packed with his trademark crude, rude and razor sharp gags, Carr's Laughter Therapy is perfect for those suffering a sick sense of humour.

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