Profile - William Douglas

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  • 17 December 2009
Profile - William Douglas

I’ve seen that guy around, haven’t I?
Very possibly, yes. He’s been gigging around Edinburgh and Glasgow for the best part of six years now, with the four-piece rock ‘n’ roll outfit, William Douglas and the Wheel. They do quite Beatle-y sounding stuff, with a sort of Neil Young style too.

Is he up to much these days?
Well, funny you should ask. Actually, he’s got a side project on the go – a side-wheel, if you like. The House of LA is a quieter, more laidback take on The Wheel’s stuff. More melodic, and more acoustic really.

House of LA, eh? Is it some sort of glitzy, Californian thing then?
Not really, nope. It’s called that because Douglas likes using household objects as percussion. The album they’re launching features a cheese grater, em, and some spoons.

You had me at cheese grater. So what else do you know about this album?
It’s called KLAUS, and is made up of 16 brand new tracks. It’s a series of little storytelling vignettes, involving the fictional characters Klaus, Isobel and Mary Marigold. They’re brought to life using guitars, drums, woodwind, strings, glockenspiel, and that cheese grater I mentioned.

I’m in. Where can I hear the album?
Douglas will be performing the album at The Jazz Bar, and giving away free albums with the ticket price (a fiver).

The House of LA’ presents KLAUS – featuring William Douglas and vocals from Ruth (ex Aberfeldy) Barrie plus special guests, Sat 19 Dec, The Jazz Bar, Edinburgh.

William Douglas

Launching new album 'Klaus' featuring vocals from Ruth Barrie (ex-Aberfeldy).

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