Erect - Sweeney Straddles the Sun (3 stars)

Erect - Sweeney Straddles the Sun

(Boffo Bear Studios)

A chubby, cherubic young lad grins from the cover of Sweeney Straddles the Sun’s debut, the titular word ‘erect’ uncomfortably large beside the boy’s shiny head. Listening to this set of 11 tunes is equally fraught an experience with us shunted across time zones via genres as diverse as the proggy opening tracks to the discordant punkish volleys of ‘Okay’ and the Philip Glass-like ‘HBS’. ‘Castlemilk Town Hall Disco’ aims to inject a social conscience into proceedings but the happier moments appear when all hell is allowed to break loose: who could resist the breezy ‘I’m My Own Worst Enemy’ or a song title such as ‘Superheroes Fight the Cause for Me & You’? That’s right, no one.

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