The Chain of Curiosity - Sandi Toksvig (2 stars)

The Chain of Curiosity - Sandi Toksvig


Over the last four years, mild-mannered humourist Sandi Toksvig has been penning brief columns for The Sunday Telegraph, the cream of which is gathered up here for those unfortunate enough to have missed them first time around. And what is collected is an overwhelmingly slight bunch of ‘opinions’ and ‘analysis’ which wouldn’t frighten a wooden horse, with titles such as ‘a storm in a coffee cup’, ‘for the love of a pickled cucumber’ and ‘I’m not Callas, just clueless’.

The best that can be said of it all is that Toksvig does know her history (or is able to cram in a lot of research on a weekly basis to fit her theme) and had the handy knack of being a Danish-born columnist writing for a posh paper when all hell broke loose with the Muslim-baiting cartoons in Jyllands-Posten. Even then, all she has to report is that the Danes wouldn’t hurt a fly, honest. Charlie Brooker can probably sleep peacefully at night.

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