Five Christmas books

Five Christmas books

Augusten Burroughs

You Better Not Cry: True Stories for Christmas
A twisted collection of Yuletide tales in which the face of a stuffed Santa is eaten off and a tenement is constructed entirely from gingerbread. Atlantic.

Loek Koopmans

The Little Christmas Tree
The little Christmas tree hates its sharp needles and longs to have soft leaves like all the others. But will it be happier when its wish is granted? Floris.

Paul Auster

Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story
A writer has been asked to pen a Christmas story for The New York Times, but how will he achieve his aim of writing an unsentimental festive story? Faber.

Adam Roberts

I Am Scrooge: A Zombie Story for Christmas
Shaun of the Dead meets A Christmas Carol as Ebenezer counts his money while flesh-eating creatures roam the streets of ye olde London. Gollancz.

Gerry Bowler

The Encyclopaedia of Christmas
An A-Z of seasonal traditions across the world. Atlantic.

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