Michael Jackson had surgery 'obsession'

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  • 15 December 2009
Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had surgery 'obsession'

David Gest has claimed his close friend Michael Jackson had too much cosmetic surgery and should have stopped altering his appearance after the first few procedures

David Gest has claimed Michael Jackson took his plastic surgery too far.

The TV star-and-concert promoter says his late friend became obsessed about his looks and should have stopped altering his face after his first few procedures.

He said: "He had great looks to start with and never needed to do anything, but the plastic surgery was an obsession.

"He took it too far, and I think he realised that later in life. The surgeon should never have done any more after the second nose job but people wanted to keep him in the fold, and that was one of the big problems in his life."

Michael is believed to have undergone multiple cosmetic procedures during his lifetime, including several nose jobs and cheek and chin implants. He also had tattoos on his lips, eyebrows and scalp to improve his appearance.

Gest, 56, also revealed he blames the medical staff surrounding Jackson - who died from Propofol intoxication in June - for enabling him to become dependent on prescription drugs.

Writing in a British magazine, Gest - the ex-husband of Liza Minnelli, who was also a close friend of Jackson's - said: "It's not surprising that he got addicted to pills. I just wish he'd had the right people around him.

"The truth is that some of the doctors around him were more interested in being his friend than making sure he was OK medically."

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