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  • 18 June 2007

Also Released


Simon Reynolds - Bring The Noise (Faber and Faber) Understand your iPod contents with this greatest hits of Reynolds’ music writing for the likes of Melody Maker with focus on hip hop and rock.

Nick Cave - The Complete Lyrics 1978-2007 (Penguin Books) Nick Cave is a man of many demons and this book allows fans to chart his last three decades of beautifully macabre Antipodean rock genius.

Julian Ridgway - Bandalism: Do Not Destroy Your Group (SAF Publishing) The Beatles, The Pistols and The Stone Roses. All British musical icons plagued by ‘communication issues’. Avoid your band doing the same by reading this.

Steve Overbury - Guns, Cash and Rock’n’Roll: The Managers (Mainstream Publishing) Behind every band is someone who deals with promoters, drug dealers, the mafia and Debbie Harry. This book looks at the legends of rock’s most infamous managers.

Horace Panter - Ska’d For Life (Sidgwick & Jackson) Before British music imploded in on itself and the country temporarily went on fire, The Specials were one of the most innovative bands in the country. Relive that happy time with bassist, Panter.

Seb Hunter - Rock Me Amadeus (Penguin Books) Ever wondered why they have a separate glassed-off area for classical music in HMV, or where you’d get a cheap lute from? Here are the answers in a laugh out loud voyage of musical discovery.

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