Penelope Cruz's silent protection

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  • 13 December 2009
Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz's silent protection

Penelope Cruz says she won't talk about her relationship with Javier Bardem because it is so important to her

Penelope Cruz is trying to "protect" her romance with Javier Bardem.

The Oscar-winning actress - who is believed to be engaged to her 'Jamon, Jamon' co-star - claims she refuses to discuss her love life because she doesn't want to ruin her "important" relationship with the actor.

She said: "It's obvious that I'm in a relationship. And the reason I don't want to talk abut it is to protect it, because it's important to me. It's as simple as that."

However, when asked about the ring she has been wearing on her wedding finger, the 35-year-old star remained coy.

She answered: "That, is something I keep for myself, thank you."

The 'Nine' actress also claimed she hasn't felt under any pressure to get married.

She explained: "I know this may sound weird. But in my family no one has been putting into my mind the idea of being obsessed with marriage, so I haven't really thought about it that much. In the end we all want to be happy, no? We all want the same thing, really. But we all have different ways to try to find that."

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