Kelly Osbourne bored by twitter

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  • 12 December 2009
Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne bored by twitter

Kelly Osbourne is getting bored of twitter because too many people are logging onto the micro-blogging website

Kelly Osbourne is getting bored of twitter.

The TV star is a regular contributor the micro-blogging website but is getting tired of hearing people to talk about it all the time.

She said: "In America it seems that everyone talks about twitter to try to be young and cool. It's getting a bit dull."

Despite getting disillusioned with the site, Kelly has no plans to abandon her page yet - just as Miley Cyrus did recently.

She added: "I still love my Twitter page though, it's a good way for me to connect with people and show my appreciation for their support."

One of Kelly's most recent postings revealed she needs surgery on her feet.

The star suffers from bunions - a deformity of the bone and joint which affects the big toe and can be extremely painful - and aggravated the condition while competing on US TV talent show 'Dancing with the Stars'.

Accompanied by a picture of her injured foot, she wrote: "The injection I got in my foot has now completely worn off. I'm in so much pain I feel like I want to be sick!"

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