Jude Law had Sherlock nerves

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  • 12 December 2009
Jude Law

Jude Law had Sherlock nerves

Jude Law has revealed he only signed up to star in 'Sherlock Holmes' because he wanted to work with Robert Downey Jr

Jude Law thought he was "insane" to sign up for 'Sherlock Holmes'.

The actor only agreed to appear as Dr. Watson in Guy Ritchie's forthcoming reimagining of the famous fictional British detective because he was so desperate to work with Robert Downey Jr. - who plays the title character.

He said: "I met Robert Downey Jr. and wanted to work with him and so I said I'd do 'Sherlock Holmes'. Two days later I thought, 'What am I doing? This is insane because is it really what I want to do?'

"Luckily, it evolved into a wonderful experience."

Despite his nerves, the 'Alfie' star is adamant Guy - who is famous for his fast-paced gangster films - was the perfect choice to direct the movie.

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I thought it was a clever twist to take a man known for his modern, punchy, almost street films and apply to him the almost staid legacy."

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