Press release claims Spandau Ballet will perform in space

  • The List
  • 11 December 2009
Spandau Ballet to be first band to perform in space

A bizarre press release circulated to news outlets today suggested that Spandau Ballet are set to be the first group in the world to perform outside the earth's atmosphere, by doing a show on board Sir Richard Branson’s new commercial spacecraft Enterprise. Commercial flights begin in 18 months time.

It states: "Spandau Ballet will have five minutes of weightlessness to perform one of their hits, which will include either 'I'll Fly For You', according to founding member Steve Norman, 'Gold' or 'True'."

Whether or not this story is 'True' is another question, as neither Virgin or Spandau Ballet have made mention of it.

It continues: "As only six passengers and two pilots are permitted to [be] on board, cameras, microphones and equipment will all be automated and operated from earth."

Can it be true? And why Spandau Ballet? And if not them, then who? Opinions in the comments please.