Alexandra Burke too poor for home

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  • 11 December 2009
Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Burke too poor for home

Alexandra Burke claims she is too poor to afford a house, despite scoring two number one singles and a number one album in the UK

Alexandra Burke can't afford to buy a house.

Despite topping the UK singles charts twice and reaching number one with her debut album 'Overcome', the singer claims she still hasn't got enough money to put a deposit on a property so she can move out of her rented home in London.

She told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "I wanted to buy a house by the end of the year, but I can't afford anything that I want.

"There is a place I've seen that I really want, but I can't afford it, I have hardly any money in the bank because it all seems to be going on tax. I'm working so hard, but I'm not a millionaire yet."

Alexandra, 21, has previously had house trouble and had to be moved by her record company after she was intimidated by a group of youths in the district of Islington, north London, where she grew up.

She said of the ordeal: "I get all the kids on the street I've lived in throwing s**t at my car.

"I have to move away because I'll end up hitting one of them and getting arrested. That's it. Career over.

"It's the natural reaction when someone comes up to you and starts on you and gives you a slap first."

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