Editors (2 stars)


An End Has A Start (Sony BMG)


Editors have grown up since debut, The Back Room. There’s new confidence to Smith’s vocals, and anthemic ‘Weight of the World’ has a gravity that ‘Open Your Arms’ never quite attains. The sound has the urgency of shouts in the dark, and Smith’s voice reverberates hugely in the choruses. The album however, lacks its own distinct feel. Just as The Back Room lost its momentum after the stomping climax of ‘Fingers in the Factories’, this effort peaks too soon; the second half feels like an afterthought. It evokes Joy Division without the haunting simplicity, and the closing track isn’t affecting enough to stay with you when it’s over. The chance of Editors ‘doing a Coldplay’ which was predicted for them is all but gone.

(Cate Simpson)

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