The Stark Palace - The Stark Palace (4 stars)

The Stark Palace - The Stark Palace

(Shark Batter)

It’s been a long time since we heard from Scottish Borders outfit, Dawn Of the Replicants. Former psychiatric nurse turned zine-scriber, Roger Simian (and co), seemed to have just fallen off the musical map. But here with gravedigger, Cameron Jack (and a few other ‘Replicants’ in tow), The Stark Palace arrive.

Experimenting clone-like via numerous avant/glam-rock idols (think Eno for ‘The Void Replied’, Beefheart for ‘Saw What Your Momma Did’, Ayers for ‘Cybersonnet’, Roxy for ‘The Werewolf Song’, Wire for ‘Brakelight Cabernet’, etc.), their schizoid sentiment for everything 70s and beyond is more than commendable.

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