Simian Mobile Disco (4 stars)


Attack Decay Sustain Release (Wichita)


Have you forgotten how exciting electronic music can be? Well you’re about to be reminded as two albums released this year are set to totally revitalise the genre. One comes in the form of † by Justice, the other is this impressive offering to feast upon.

Already famed for their work in Simian and for remixing tracks by Muse and Klaxons, James Ellis Ford and James Anthony Shaw have created a thrilling first effort that will really get pulses racing, from the scratchy blips and beeps of ‘It’s the Beat’ to the infectious hooks of ‘Love’ and ‘Hustler’’s dark and dirty rhythms.

Minimal, cleverly made and quite magnificent to boot, Attack Decay Sustain Release simply must be owned.

(Camilla Pia)

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