Tony Scott (3 stars)


A Jazz Life (Kind of Blue)


When clarinettist Tony Scott spent some time in Edinburgh one summer in the late 80s, his role as an important contributor to the emergence of both bebop and an early proto-version of free jazz in New York had all but been forgotten. His reputation has been somewhat restored since then, and this posthumously released disc is a coda to a notable - if eccentric - jazz life.

Scott settled in Italy (his real name was Sciacca), where this session was recorded last year. His own playing is far from the pomp of his best work of the 50s, but he strikes an elegiac note in a repertorie that features music by Ellington, Strayhorn (including a spoken version of ‘Lush Life’, a tune that obsessed him), Gershwin, Monk, Gillespie, and a couple of his own tunes. He is respectfully accompanied by members of Ravi Coltrane’s band, presumably on tour at the time.

(Kenny Mathieson)

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