Sadie Frost not interested in Jude

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  • 8 December 2009
Sadie Frost

Sadie Frost not interested in Jude

Sadie Frost doesn't know or care if ex-husband Jude Law has reunited with former love Sienna Miller because it ''doesn't affect'' her

Sadie Frost doesn't care if ex-husband Jude Law and Sienna Miller get back together.

The actress - who is mother to the 'Alfie' actor's eldest three children, Rafferty, 13, Iris, nine, and Rudy, seven - has no idea if reports the former couple have rekindled their romance are true and isn't interested if they are.

She told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I don't really know what the situation is, because it doesn't affect me. They're in the same circles, I'm sure they're friends. It's not my business to ask."

Jude and Sienna - who are currently both starring in separate Broadway plays in New York - have fuelled rumours they are back together after being seen enjoying a string of dinner dates together.

The pair - who separated in 2006 following Jude's affair with his children's nanny - were spotted celebrating Thanksgiving together with a late night Italian dinner, where they shared a bottle of wine, pizza and a kiss.

The pair have both endured turbulent love lives over the past year.

Jude recently fathered a child after a brief fling with American model Samantha Burke, while Sienna embarked on a very public affair with married actor Balthazar Getty last year.

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