Helen Mirren no nude prude

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  • 8 December 2009
Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren no nude prude

Dame Helen Mirren, 64, believes stripping on screen has gotten easier as she has got older

Dame Helen Mirren says getting naked has got easier as she gotten older.

The 64-year-old actress - who has stripped on screen in several films - insists baring all in front of the camera is "liberating" and she gets through it by refusing to think of the response from male fans.

She said: "As you get older naked stuff gets easier. It's more to do with the role than what men in the audience think. There's a liberation about it."

The 'Queen' actress also spoke about her first encounters of sex, admitting she is still angry about losing her virginity.

She said: "It was the calumny of young men... My trustful romantic nature was badly let down, my feminism confronted... I am still p***ed off, actually."

Despite her unsatisfying first sexual experience, Helen insists she has learned something from every man she has ever dated.

She said in an interview with Broadcast Now: "Ken Cranham, like all the men I have had a proper relationship with, left me a better person than he found me."

Helen married her husband, American director Taylor Hackford, in 1997, 11 years after they started dating, and credits his fiery nature and honesty with keeping them together.

She explained: "Taylor can be turbulent, irrational and explosive. He has made me cry on many occasions... He is also the most unsexist man, looking women directly in the eye with no curtain of assumptions or prejudices to cloud his view. He is brave, loyal and supportive."

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