Siobhan Donaghy (4 stars)


So You Say (Parlophone)


Some may remember Donaghy as the one who quit the Sugababes, burnt her bridges, then suffered a flop album. Fear not, she’s back with So You Say, which has taken radio friendly pop and added a pinch of sophistication. Her vocals are beautiful, and suited to the gentle electro backing, reminiscent of the decent tracks on Madonna’s Ray of Light. There are moments when tracks feel over-produced; Donaghy’s ethereal vocals occasionally feel frustratingly drowned by the left-field effects that snake their way throughout. Nevertheless, this is a gorgeous album that forms the perfect soundtrack to a quiet night in.

(Siân Bevan)


New line-up from the pop trio who recently covered Arctic Monkeys 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor' with some aplomb and here celebrate their cracking greatest hits back catalogue.

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