Robert De Niro ignored by kids

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  • 6 December 2009
Robert DeNiro

Robert De Niro ignored by kids

Robert De Niro - who has five children from three relationships - says his children always ignore his advice, despite his best efforts to give it to them

Robert De Niro says his children ignore his advice.

The Hollywood actor - who has five children from three relationships - loves to have his family around but they don't listen to anything he tells them.

He told an Irish newspaper: "I like to talk to the kids about things that I think are important for them, not to lecture them, but you know sometimes it's hard to communicate with your kids.

"They're in their own world and they look like they're not even listening and you just have to accept that."

Despite the fact his family all live in different places, the 66-year-old star - who has just finished work on new comedy film 'Meet the Little Fockers' - always tries to get everyone together for special occasions.

The actor - who is married to Grace Hightower - said: "I like having family around, but I don't necessarily have to interact. I like to just, sometimes, sit here reading with the kids around.

"I have a fractionalised family of sorts but my whole big thing is always to try and get the kids together for big occasions like Christmas and I think I do pretty well with that."

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