Pop pooch Little Boots

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  • 5 December 2009
Little Boots

Pop pooch Little Boots

Little Boots says the last 12 months have been the busiest and most incredible time of her life

Little Boots feels like a dog.

The 'Earthquake' singer is amazed at how much has happened to her over the last 12 months and says the year feels considerably longer than it has been - like a dog year.

She said: "It's been a big year, a lot of years rolled into one. Someone said that being a pop star is a bit like being a dog - they don't live long but each year is about a decade."

It is widely accepted that one human year is the equivalent to seven dog years when measuring each mammal's lifespan.

The British pop stars also revealed she is sick of being compared to fellow British singers Pixie Lott and La Roux, insisting there is no need to try and pit them against one another.

She added to Britain's Guardian newspaper: "There are so many female artists now and they're always trying to pitch you against each other.

"It's not a competition. Everyone's trying to sell records and it's tough enough as it is. These petty rivalries are just stupid.

"There are a lot of female artists who use keyboards. If you want to join the dots between synths and vaginas you can do, but there's not much point. It's ridiculous."

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