Excited granny-to-be Jenny McCarthy

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  • 4 December 2009
Jenny McCarthy

Excited granny-to-be Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy can't wait to be a grandmother when her partner Jim Carrey's daughter Jane gives birth

Jenny McCarthy can't wait to be a grandmother.

The 37-year-old actress and partner Jim Carey are currently preparing for his daughter Jane to give birth to her first child and the blonde star admits she is excited about taking on the role at such a relatively young age.

She said: "I'm soon to be a grandma. So that's interesting. 37 years old, I get to be called 'Grandma.' "

However, Jenny - who has a seven-year-old son Evan from a previous relationship - insists she won't look like the average grandmother.

She told US TV show 'Access Hollywood': "I'm going to try to keep in shape and youthful, so 'Grandma' sounds pretty good."

Although 22-year-old Jane isn't biologically hers, Jenny says the pair share a real mother-daughter bond.

She said: "I would even call myself an absolute mother-in-law. I'd consider her my daughter. I love her to pieces."

Jim, 47, recently announced Jane had married her rock star boyfriend Alex Santana in a secret ceremony.

He wrote on his Twitter page: "My Jane is a married woman. Days ago her and my new son-in-law Alex got hitched. The day was simply perfect... lots of love there."

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