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  • 4 December 2009

Don’t be fooled. Edinburgh’s masters of lo-fi slowcore are, as one reviewer once pointed out, ‘No bed wetting lightweights’. No sir. Instead Bart (who’s also the brains behind tons of Scottish grassroots music events like Retreat! and The Gentle Invasion), Malcolm, Clarissa and Rob are masters of minimalism and understatement, and lovers of pulse-slowing, sometimes deeply moving, post-folk. These dates mark the launch of new single, ‘Sleep the Winter’ where they’re supported by Dan from Withered Hand and Jill from Sparrow & the Workshop in Edinburgh, then Woodenbox and Withered Hand in Glasgow.

The Bowery, Edinburgh, Fri Dec 11; the 13th Note, Glasgow, Mon Dec 14.

eagleowl, Withered Hand and Jill O'Sullivan

Post folk, lo-fi and homemade loveliness as eagleowl launch their 'Sleep the Winter' 7".

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