Broken Records (4 stars)

Capitol, Glasgow, Thu 31 May


The audience at Capitol may have been somewhat thin on the ground but the stage was bulging at the seams as Edinburgh septet Broken Records struggled to fit a music shop of instruments onto its dinky frame.

At first sight it almost appeared that their vast array of tools, including accordions, mandolins, guitars, and a violin would collapse around them, but as they launched into their first tune, any thoughts of a spectacular instrumental implosion passed to the back of the mind.

Out of such an arsenal Broken Records fashion a deft, soaring sound, at points recalling the Klezmer-tinges of Beruit and scale of Godspeed! You Black Emperor. Some moments reveal the inevitable looseness expected from a relatively new band but songs like ‘Lies’ burn with enough feverish urgency to survive such minor glitches. Embryonic they may be, but on the quality of their songs alone they could well develop into an exciting prospect.

(Miles Johnson)

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