50 Cent's Powerful scent

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 30 November 2009
50 Cent

50 Cent's Powerful scent

50 Cent says guys who wear his new men's fragrance 'Power by 50 Cent' will get an instant confidence boost

50 Cent says his new fragrance makes people confident.

The rapper is launching his own signature scent for men, 'Power by 50 Cent', and says guys will receive an instant ego boost from the cologne.

He said: "Are you referring to my new perfume 'Power by 50 Cent'? It helps to boost your self-confidence. It's important to look good and even more important to smell good. What good are the best clothes if you smell bad?"

Although 50 will be wearing the fragrance himself, he insists he doesn't need a confidence boost because he is an international superstar.

He added to German website Spiegel Online: "I already have the necessary self-confidence - otherwise I would have never been a successful hip-hop artist. My record label wanted me to be different at times, more politically correct. But to give into that would have only proven a bad character. If you're not sure about yourself you're not suited for the hip-hop business."

50 Cent

American rapper who brought us 'Candy Shop' and 'How We Do'.

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