Troublesome teenager Jessica Biel

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  • 28 November 2009
Jessica Biel

Troublesome teenager Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel has confessed she was a rebellious teenager just like her character Neera in new animated movie 'Planet 51'

Jessica Biel was a problem teenager.

The actress says she could relate to 16-year-old Neera, the alien character she voices in new animated movie 'Planet 51', because she was equally rebellious and opinionated when she was younger.

She told Britain's Independent newspaper: "I think I was just trying to create that person that I felt like I was when I was 16, which was confident, but insecure.

"Not that the filmmakers would have known this about me, but I so related to my character because when I was 16, I was also pushing things with my parents and the world. I thought I had it going on.

"I thought I knew everything so I related to her feeling of risk taking but I had a little bit more of a bad attitude as a 16 year old. Neera is way more of a positive, charitable person than I was."

As well as a similar personality, Jessica was also astonished by the physical similarities between herself and her green-skinned animated alter-ego.

She added: "I also noticed some physical things I do myself. It was so weird to hear my voice coming out of the character."

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