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  • 18 June 2007


The best comedy

Susan Calman The comic behind the Calmanator shows gives us four chances to see her do her thing this fortnight. She’s going to be big one day. In stature, that is, not in height. The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 21, Wed 27 Jun, Tue 3 Jul; the Stand, Glasgow, Wed 4 Jul.

Miles Jupp Firmly putting the pink-jumpered mayhem of Archie in Balamory well behind him, this posh lad with the cruel streak dons his cuddlier side. The Stand, Glasgow, Thu 21-Sat 23 Jun.

John Hegley The man with a love of potatoes and pets, and Luton and lyrics delves into his crystal ball with some musings which will be fully fleshed out come August time. Scottish Poetry Library, Edinburgh, Wed 27 Jun.

Reginald D Hunter The controversial and brilliant stand-up, originally from Georgia, offers you a last chance to see his Pride & Prejudice & Niggas set before bringing a brand new show to you lucky people for the Fringe. See 5 Things. The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 28-Sat 30 Jun.

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