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  • 18 June 2007


Name Comedy @ The State

What’s that then? A rather nice way to spend a Saturday evening, if you like watching comedy in a basement in the middle of Glasgow.

Gosh, yet another comedy night? A plethora of independent nights are springing up around Edinburgh and Glasgow, which means you can pick exactly the kind of show you’re after and then laugh your happy little socks off.

So, why this one? Well, it seems to be attracting pretty good names, upcoming headliners include Gary Little, Vladimir McTavish (pictured) and Jojo Sutherland, as well as newer acts climbing up the ladder. Also, bear in mind that at a fiver, it’s the cheapest way to see comedy at the weekend.

You promise it’ll be fun? This is comedy at its rawest level, with no messing about with discos, food or novelty hats. It’s an independent night run by a syndicate of comedians, led by the awfully nice Billy Kirkwood. This is organic, people, so do the ethical thing.

Anywhere I can get more information? Have a quick gander at

(Siân Bevan)

The State Bar, Glasgow, Sat 23 & 30 Jun.

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