Reginald D Hunter

5 things you might not know about Reginald D Hunter

  1. Being born into a devoutly religious family from Atlanta, it was expected that he would simply follow their path into preaching or teaching. His response was to hop on a plane to the UK and gain entry into RADA before stumbling into a life of stand-up comedy.
  2. Although he has shown up on TV panel show fodder, he has done some decent telly work writing and starring in Channel 4’s Comedy Lab production called Blackout in which he becomes the very human alter ego of a severely repressed middle-class woman played by Katherine Jakeways.
  3. He considers himself part of a dozen-strong crew of ‘comedy Jedis’ who refuse to play along with the mainstream and deliberately reject the lucrative success that could so easily come their way. He cites Doug Stanhope and Daniel Kitson as members of that sect.
  4. In a frankly silly article last August, ‘journalist’ Johann Hari dubbed Hunter the ‘black Bernard Manning … who belittles rape and attacks Jews’. A dubious argument straight off but especially odd considering that in the same piece Hari revelled in the Fringe comics who variously told pretty mean-spirited jokes about the disabled, schizophrenia and serial killers.
  5. No doubt to Hari’s delight, posters for Hunter’s show Pride & Prejudice & Niggas were taken down from the London Underground last year just in case anyone took offence. Must be a lot of over-sensitive Jane Austen fans living in the capital these days.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 28-Sat 30 Jun.

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