CJ Box - Three Weeks to Say Goodbye (4 stars)

CJ Box - Three Weeks to Say Goodbye


He’s a rising star of crime writing in the States, but it’s only a matter of time before CJ Box explodes onto the UK’s radar, thanks in no small part to this storming British debut. Three Weeks to Say Goodbye is a smart place to start for any newcomer to the award-winning author’s work, as it tells of a plucky young couple’s attempt to take on the power and might of the corrupt US justice system in a bitter fight to keep their recently adopted daughter.

These splendidly rendered characters are irrevocably changed by a series of traumatic events; trouble brews and ultimately unfolds through tense, punchily written paragraphs to reveal an even more sinister undercurrent. It’s family and friends versus power and money here, as the lines between right and wrong are blurred in the most clever and intoxicating of ways, time running out with each frantic turn of the page.

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