Exposure: Kasms

Exposure: Kasms

Kasms are a four-piece from London mixing buzzsaw guitars and haunting melodies with explosive and (literally) violent live performances. Fans of Gossip may have already had their eyes opened and their ears caved in by Kasms' punk-drenched chaos on th band's recent visit Glasgow, but if not, their debut album Spayed - a record of equal parts heart and harshness - is a good place to start. As those already converted anxiously cross their fingers for a return visit, here's bassist Gemma Fleet from the band to give you a reason to join the queue.

How did the band first come together? Were you in bands before?
We were all in bands before and had known each other for a while, but we cemented the plan of a new band whilst at a gig together at Bardens. It was Get Hustle.

How did you first become interested in writing and performing?
I dunno, probably as a child trying to learn Neneh Cherry or Kate Bush songs in my room. This was one of my first conversations with Rachel actually, she can remember the entire 'Manchild' rap - impressive. Being in a band is pretty fun, and before that we were all just hanging around getting pissed and watching other bands. Now at least we get some free beer.

Are there any particular shows or records that have had a significant impact on you creatively?
We are all different, but for me bands like L7, Fugazi, Nation of Ulysses and Hole made me want to do a band in the first place. And, of course, watching the Bill and Ted films. Every time I see a band I like or a great new band it inspires and excites me more.

What do you aim for when writing your music. Do you have any set ideas of what kind of sounds or feelings you want to create?
We all have ideas and influences, but when we play together it will never sound as we expect or anticipate. It is better not to aim for anything and just to mess around and see what happens. We have a kind of symbiosis and we know when something is or isn't working, we don't need to discuss it greatly - a look from one person usually cements what we have all been thinking.

Has there been any particularly fun shows in your time together so far? Any disastrous ones?
They are all amusingly disastrous. One gig Scott and I were in all seriousness nearly decapitated in a flying cymbal incident. My ninja reflexes and Scott's stealth were the only thing that saved us. Rachel got a black eye once and an egg on the head from an over zealous crowd member. She didn't seem too phased though.

How has the response been to you generally since the release of the album?
My Mum is proud I think, and the general response is split, really. We are the band equivalent of marmite, and I love to be dissed as much as praised.

Do you have a favourite track? Or favourite to play live?
I like 'Bone You'. The bass is satisfying and I love playing 'Spayed'. It is really powerful live and I'm not sure that comes across so much on the album, as it was so new when we recorded it.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any plans to come to Scotland again?
Would love to if we can get paid enough for the petrol. We had a bangin' time there last time


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