Dfrnt Trouble, The Caves, Edinburgh, Fri 29 Jun; Reconnaissance, The Ferry, Glasgow, Sat 30 Jun


Although Edinburgh’s X-Vectors are among the most deserving rising stars of the UK dance/rock crossover scene - their single on Optimo’s label OSCARR, the excellent ‘The Winter of our Discotheque’, was named in Mixmag’s hundred best of last year, while they’ve just finished a Europe-wide tour with Klaxons - don’t even think of calling them New Rave.

‘We always wanted to write songs that were based on the dance music that we loved, but with guitars,’ says the band’s Paul Maceachan. ‘That’s the music we were listening to at the time - we weren’t going to gigs, we were going to clubs. The thing is, there weren’t many bands doing that a few years ago, and now it’s become incredibly popular to have sequencers and laptops onstage, even if you’re four white guys making guitar music.

‘So now a lot of the other bands we meet are locked in with a scene like New Rave, whereas I think the only band who really play that are Klaxons, who we’ve got a lot of time for. They first used the term as a joke and now regret saying it more than anything else. I certainly don’t want to be lumped in with someone like the fucking Sunshine Underground, and I find it interesting that most of these bands don’t know anything about labels or DJs when you ask them’.

Unlike X-Vectors, whose early ambition to record a version of Jamie Principle’s ‘Your Love’ has since been brilliantly realised, and who are now recording a six-track mini-LP for Blast First. As long as they never utter the words New Chicago House, they should stay scene-free for the foreseeable future.

(David Pollock)

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