Jesca Hoop - Hunting My Dress (4 stars)

Jesca Hoop - Hunting My Dress

(Last Laugh)

The Mormons have given us several terrific musical acts – Arcade Fire, Low and The Osmonds among them. To this heavenly litany we now add folk confounder Jesca Hoop.

A Californian singer-songwriter living in Manchester, Hoop’s disquieting trove of alt-rock arias, murder balladry and bone-rattling blues is enshrined in US and English folk traditions which variously evoke Suzanne Vega, Shirley Collins and Kate Bush.

The Tom Waits and Guy Garvey endorsements might open your ears to Hunting My Dress, but Hoop’s vertiginous larynx and bewitching psalms will steal your heart and stir your breast. Her earthy wig-outs are disconcerting, mystical and excellent.

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