Slam Album Launch

The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 29 Jun


Slam launch their fourth studio album, Human Response at the Arches this month. A melodic twist on their favoured techno style, it takes the listener on a hypnotic journey starting with the haunting electronica stirrings of Subject Invisible and ending with the climatic darker edged Memoir.

Orde Meikle, one half of Slam comments on the flow and the journey aspect of the album. ‘It’s safe to say on the last album Year Zero, we had a whole load of tracks we had done with people and a few we had done ourselves but it was a little bit problematic piecing it together at the end because we all had different ideas of the way the album should flow. So we resolved this time to write the abum as a kind zero to 60 minute type piece of music.’ The journey was definitely intentional but the way in which the individual tracks were concieved was a different matter. According to Meikle, ‘A lot of the time it’s happy accidents. You start off with a melody and then you start firing it through different keyboards, just really muck around, really try and rip it this way and that and you just don’t know what the machines might throw back at you. You can do something by accident you never planned to and it throws back something which is just fantastic. You are always looking for a little type of spark to help you on your way.’

(Sandra Marron)

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