Francois and the Atlas Mountains - Plaine Inondable (4 stars)

Francois and the Atlas Mountains - Plaine Inondable


Lest we require confirmation that King Creosote’s DIY commonwealth, Fence, is as universal as it is diverse, herein saunters Plaine Inondable – the year’s gentlest Gallic-pop coup – in the nick of time.

Francois Marry – touring member of Camera Obscura and ludicrously charming lo-fi virtuoso – has made several lovely low-key records (especially the knockout ‘Night Lights’, which pisses all over Bon Iver’s parade), but Plaine Inondable sees the bilingual lyricist and multi-instrumentalist amplify his charms.

Highlights include the totally tropical lilt of ‘Remind’, while ‘Years of Rain’ authenticates Francois as the gorgeous spawn of Serge Gainsbourg, Philip Glass and Pink Floyd.

Francois & The Atlas Mountains

Bristol-based French musician Francois (who sometimes plays trumpet for Camera Obscura) and his band match French lyrics to African rhythms.

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