Five reasons to go see: Depeche Mode

Five reasons to go see: Depeche Mode

1 Enjoy the Silence
It’s been 22 years since Basildon’s finest have graced a stage in Scotland, so the faithful have had to be mighty patient to see them live again. That, or make good use of Ryanair to see them in Europe, where they are still monstrously big.

2 Everything Counts
Before Basement Jaxx, Orbital or the Chemical Brothers, there was one band (discounting Kraftwerk but they invented the whole shebang and live on a spacestation above everyone) who managed to turn static, stilted electropop into a global, stadium-filling crowd pleaser: Depeche Mode.

3 Dream On
BBC4’s most excellent Synth Britannia documentary earlier in the year recharged the nation’s interest in all things electronic. From Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle through Soft Cell, DM, Human League to the Pet Shop Boys, it’s something us Brits have always done supremely well.

4 People are People
They’ve been through their fair share of fashion scrapes in their time, have the ’Mode, from the big yuppie suits of the early ’80s to Martin Gore’s mildly upsetting flirtations with S&M garb. Peaked caps and chain mail vests ahoy! It’s all rock star chic black these days, mind. Pass the Ray-Bans …

5 Never Let Me Down Again
Frontman Dave Gahan now looks a picture of forty-something sobriety, all tofu and yoga. This is a far cry from taking one speedball too many and being pronounced dead several years ago. He’s a bit sheepish about it now but it gave him plenty fuel for two solo albums and some of his first songs ever for DM.

SECC, Glasgow, Sat 12 Dec.

Depeche Mode

The electro-rock behemoths return to Glasgow with new album Delta Machine.

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