Profile: Filthy Dukes

Profile: Filthy Dukes

Filthy Dukes

South London DJs and synth pop trio.

Filthy Dukes, eh? What’s next – Prince Charles covered in mud?
Far from being dirty members of the aristocracy Filthy Dukes actually started out as DJs Olly Dixon and Tim Lawton, joining forces with producer Mark Ralph to form a full on live band. But they are still justifiably famous for their legendary Kill Em All nights in London.

Kill Em All? Sounds nasty
It is, but in all the right ways. Dancefloor destruction is guaranteed! The night became so popular the Dukes moved from the Barfly to mega club Fabric (where they still host regular parties, including their upcoming sixth birthday on 11 December featuring Chemical Brothers, Riton, Hercules & Love Affair, Boy 8 Bit and more). It’s an indie night with a dance soundtrack.

I’m getting confused – are they DJs or a band?
The simple answer is both. Kill Em All is huge and they have a mix CD out on Fabric (naturally) but they also play live and released their own artist album Nonsense in the Dark earlier this year plus there are remixes for kindred spirits (and Kill Em All guests) such as Late of the Pier, Bloc Party, The Maccabees and The Rakes.

So what do their own productions sound like?
Think the new wave electro of the 80s meets Krautrock, all beefed up with a shot of heavy bass.

I’m sold. Where can I catch them?
Well, the good news is that they are putting in a DJ set at both Fuse in Edinburgh and Death Disco in Glasgow this fortnight (not forgetting a quick stop off at the Reading Rooms in Dundee on 5 Dec).

Fuse at Berlin, Edinburgh, Fri 4 Dec; Death Disco at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 12 Dec.

Smash & Grab

Dirty electro as special guests Filthy Dukes (Kill Em All) put in a DJ set.

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