Paul Booth Quintet and Ingrid Jensen

Paul Booth Quintet and Ingrid Jensen

Neither English saxophonist Paul Booth nor Canadian trumpeter Ingrid Jensen is a newcomer to these parts, but this will be the first time they have featured together.

Booth was last here in the summer to work with trumpeter Ryan Quigley’s big band at the Glasgow Jazz Festival, when he also more than held his own sitting in with Quigley and alto saxophonist Nigel Hitchcock on a terrifyingly fast version of ‘Donna Lee’ at the end of their quintet gig at this venue.

Jensen is featured on Booth’s new album, but it has been rather longer since we last heard her live. Previous visits include a memorable collaboration as guest soloist with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra in their Miles Ahead project back in 2000.
The trumpeter rose to both the physical and musical challenges, cleverly balancing a distinctly Miles Davis-like sound with her own sharper-edged approach, and evoking Miles’ original solos without simply repeating them. Finding her own way has always been central to her musical philosophy.

‘I know that if you ask the average guy in the street what they think a jazz trumpeter is, they’re not going to say a blonde-haired white girl from Canada. I’ve never really thought in those terms, though. I see the trumpet as an extension of my voice – if I think a piece should sound masculine, I’ll play it that way, but if it calls for openness and sensitive shadings, then I’ll do that.’

City Halls (Recital Room), Glasgow, Sun 6 Dec

Paul Booth Quintet and Ingrid Jensen

Booth is joined by his band and Canadian trumpeter Jensen.

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