Ex Libras - Suite(s) (4 stars)

Ex Libras - Suite(s)


Formed in the unlikely locale of their Hounslow Borough library workplace, the London trio of Amit Sharma (vocals, guitar), Kieran Nagi (piano, bass) and Ross Kenning (drums) recorded this promising debut in, of all places, the garden shed.

First impressions give off an air of Muse meets Talk Talk/‘O’Rang (see ‘Underachiever’, for example), although further investigations (on ‘Phat Knickers’ and classy download single ‘Radar’) reveal more than a penchant for Radiohead’s Kid A or Sigur Ros’ ().

Mixing math-rock, breakbeat grooves with melodic, Mogwai-esque crescendos, Ex Libras should be worthy of subsequent major-imprint circulation.

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