Action fan Sam Worthington

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  • 23 November 2009
Sam Worthington

Action fan Sam Worthington

Sam Worthington ''craved'' weapons when filming 'Last Night' with Keira Knightley

Sam Worthington would rather fight than kiss Keira Knightley.

The Australian actor says he enjoyed undertaking daring stunts and physical challenges when making 'Avatar' and found his subsequent movie commitments less fulfilling.

He said: "To be honest I craved a gun and a sword while I was doing 'Last Night' opposite Keira Knightley. I didn't get the same kind of rush from the kissing scenes."

Despite the physical nature of his role as a paraplegic ex-marine in 'Avatar', Sam insists he didn't do any training or preparation before filming began because he finds exercise "pointless."

He told Live magazine: "I did nothing. I am not one of these yoga 'I only want wheatgrass and blueberry muffins' guys, and I don't go to the gym, I think it's pointless. If I pick up something heavy it's because I'm going to move it."

Despite his lack of fitness preparation, Sam was happy to get involved with the physical challenges on the movie - even when director James Cameron insisted on hurling objects at him.

He explained: "I'm scared of nothing. Every scene is tough but it's fun and liberating.

"Jim's very clever at giving you something tactile to react to, so in one scene when a tree explodes, he had a group of people throwing foam and debris at me.

"Jim would hit me with a big rubber stick as I ran by and I would go flying across the room from the shock waves. When you watch it back you see the explosion and then my blue alien flies across the screen - it looks amazing, like I've been blown apart.

"Jim hired me because he said I am brave enough to take on any challenge. And I love it, it's fun."

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