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  • 18 June 2007


Anonymous - Touch Wood Subtitled ‘Confessions of an Accidental Porn Director’, our secret hero goes from being the son of a vicar to a pioneer of the flesh industry. Sphere.

Wendy Salisbury - The Toyboy Diaries The introduction says it all: ‘This exposé is a 60th birthday present to myself, written with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek or, wherever possible, somebody else’s.’ Old Street.

Sylvia Kristel - Undressing Emmanuelle The Dutch icon who epitomised the 1970s soft porn era had a tough old life with drink, drugs and death stalking her every move. Fourth Estate.

Miss S - Confessions of a Working Girl The main consultant on the forthcoming Belle de Jour film tells of her time as ‘one of London’s top five escorts’. Penguin.

Pat Shipman - Femme Fatale This is the stirring biography of Margaretha Zelle, the seductress, housewife, mother, exotic dancer and spy somewhat better known as Mata Hari. Weidenfeld & Nicolson.

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