John Mayer's sports car sadness

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  • 21 November 2009
John Mayer

John Mayer's sports car sadness

Musician John Mayer claims he went out and bought a Ferrari sports car on a day when he was feeling low

John Mayer bought a Ferrari because he was sad.

The 'All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye' singer admits his investment in the luxury sports car was "ridiculous", and represented a "ticket out of the game".

He said: "Nobody stopped me the day I was real sad - because you don't buy a Ferrari when you're happy; you buy a Ferrari when you're sad.

"You buy a Ferrari when there's a piece missing inside of you. All of these things are absolute tickets out of the game: you have to enjoy your life without indulging so much that you lose it."

The day he bought the Ferrari, John - who had an on/off relationship with former 'Friends' actress Jennifer Aniston - couldn't decide whether driving a sports car was more ludicrous than the endless speculation over his love life.

He told Britain's Guardian newspaper: "I bought a Ferrari and drove it to Las Vegas on the day I bought it. What's more ridiculous - putting 600 miles on a black-on-black 599 Ferrari the day you get it, or having somebody call your best friend and ask if you're still dating that girl?"

John Mayer

Chiselled AOR singer/songwriter from New York.

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