Janet Jackson's intervention regret

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  • 19 November 2009
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson's intervention regret

Janet Jackson has revealed she and the rest of her family staged interventions to try and get her late brother Michael off drugs

Janet Jackson is still upset her family were unable to get her brother Michael off drugs.

The 'All For You' singer says she and the rest of the Jackson family knew the late pop legend - who died in June from acute Propofol intoxication - was abusing prescription drugs but their attempts at an intervention were unsuccessful.

When quizzed about her sibling's drug use, she said: "Those are the things you do when you love someone. You can't just let them continue on that way. And we did a few times but we weren't very successful."

Despite the family's best efforts, Janet claims Michael - who had a cocktail of prescription drugs in his system when he passed away - wouldn't accept that he had a substance abuse problem.

She added to 'Good Morning America' host Robin Roberts: "He understood our efforts were out of love, because of caring. But when people are like that they tend to be in denial. But I wish he could answer that question for you and not me."

Janet is not the first member of the Jackson family to reveal they had tried to get the 'Thriller' singer off drugs.

Tito - who was a member of the Jackson 5 along with his sibling - accused his brother's employees of helping him obtain and use prescription drugs against the wishes of his family.

He said earlier this year: "I think he was encircled by enablers. It was always a difficult situation, some people care about their job more than the person's health and wellbeing and I think that's what we experienced, some of the employers, security or whatever, were more concerned about their pay cheques than letting us check on our brother."

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