Eduardo Galeano - Mirrors (4 stars)

Eduardo Galeano - Mirrors


There are plenty out there who believe the history we are taught in schools and fed to us by the mainstream media is a wretched farce. Even suggesting that there are two sides to every story is falling into the traps of those who seek to keep real knowledge and understanding (and, by implication, power) away from the masses. Eduardo Galeano, the 69-year-old Uruguayan journalist and novelist, is one such individual who seeks to redress the balance and tell it a bit more like it is.

In Mirrors: A History of the World, Refracted, Galeano delivers 600 brief snapshots which aim to give a voice to those ignored by ‘official versions’ of our world. So, he attacks the arrogance of explorers who ‘discovered’ already populated lands, slates those who put a chimp in space and celebrates the birth of jazz. A constantly dazzling and occasionally witty text that will open eyes and drop jaws.

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