The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing (5 stars)

The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing

David Haines: Ambiguous Myth

The End of the Line may just be the beginning of a resurgence in interest to the humbled medium of drawing. The 11 international artists take ownership of the space with skill and innovation – especially in the case of Monika Gryzmala who has created a bespoke piece (unnamed at time of going to press) for the Edinburgh leg of this travelling exhibition. Care and attention to detail preclude any difficulties involved in melding the works of such diverse practitioners into a cohesive show.

Some pieces straddle the realms of the epic (David Haines’ ‘Liquid Myth With Nike Air’), or draw you into an animated sky (Naoyuki Tsuji’s ‘Trilogy About Clouds’). Fernando Bryce’s installation ‘Kolonial Post’ is a bedfellow of neat, mounted ink drawing with a historical bent, while the winged creatures in Garret Phelan’s ‘Battle for the Birds’ threaten to break free of the paper at any moment to start a revolt against humankind. In some pieces the line is hidden through detail, whereas in others it is purposefully displayed as part of the process. Graphite, charcoal, pencil and ink play happily with 3D tape and animation.

It is unlikely that any visitor to the gallery will leave disappointed, such is the delight of this well conceived event, and with a program of talks and workshops to boot, The End of the Line may inspire future draughtsmen and women – if it hasn’t already.

Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sun 10 Jan

The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing

  • 5 stars

Celebrating a contemporary resurgence in drawing, this exhibition of new and recent work by eleven highly acclaimed young international artists explores a diverse range of approaches to drawing. Featured artists include Jan Albers, Michael Borremans, Marc Brandenburg, Fernando Bryce, Kate Davis and David Haines.

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