Paris Jackson's shrine to dad

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  • 17 November 2009
Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson's shrine to dad

Michael Jackson's 11-year-old daughter Paris has decorated her bedroom with posters of her late father, her aunt La Toya Jackson has revealed

Michael Jackson's daughter has decorated her bedroom with posters of her late father.

The pop icon's sister La Toya has revealed 11-year-old Paris - who has two brothers, Prince Michael I, 12, and seven-year-old Prince Michael II, known as 'Blanket' - decided to put the photos up because she wants to be reminded of her dad everyday.

She said: "They're all doing fine - they're coping with it quite well. Paris' bedroom is covered with posters of her father, Prince doesn't want to speak about it and 'Blanket' is just very sad - he cries. In the beginning, it was hard for them, but they understand he's no longer with us."

La Toya, 53, says Michael's kids are still in therapy as they try and come to terms with the loss of their father - who died from acute Propofol intoxication on June 25.

She added to Britain's New! magazine: "They're working with a psychiatrist. You have to have someone to ask how you're feeling and go through the hurt with."

Despite their tragic loss, La Toya insists her elderly parents Katherine, who is the children's legal guardian, and Joe - who Michael accused of beating him when he was a child and performing with his brothers in the Jackson 5 - are doing a good job raising the three kids.

She said: "My mother is really enjoying it - she says it keeps her going. My father and I have had a wonderful relationship for the past 14 years. Michael had a great understanding with his father as well. A lot of people don't know that. They had made amends and were on very good terms."

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