Portobello Beach, until Fri 21 Dec

Invitations to create a piece of artistic history are pretty thin on the ground. Especially ones that involve a fun day at the beach. But for the next two weeks, Hill Jephson Robb is asking any interested parties to help him create temporary artwork, Wonder.

Scottish-born artist, Jephson has exhibited all over the world, and has a work on permanent display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. For the moment, however, he’s focussing his attention on Portobello prom. Using thousands of Hessian sand bags filled with golden grains from Porty beach, Jephson will create three large pyramids.

Stacked like building bricks, the bags represent Portobello’s past, present and future. The original Portobello community was born out of necessity, when William Jamieson built a brickworks in 1765. Over the years, a number of impressive pieces of architecture have been created, including the Bathing Pool and Marine Gardens - none of which exist today.

For Jephson, pyramids represent one of the most ambitious architectural creations of all time. While the sandbags highlight Portobello’s current main attraction - the beach. Currently undergoing a period of regeneration, Portobello needs to look beyond the sand and, according to Jephson, realise its potential. Wonder will act as a metaphor for all that and more.

So, participants young and old, are invited to grab a bag, a plastic tube and a small shovel, and get filling. After the grand opening on Thursday 21 June at 6pm, the pyramids will remain on the beach for six months. During this time, people can climb on them, sit on them and stargaze or simply look at them in ‘wonder’.

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