Iain Campbell - A No Place (3 stars)

Iain Campbell - A No Place

(Unverified Records)

Having previously played in defiantly eccentric Glasgow-based bands Lapsus Linguae and If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now, Iain Campbell was never going to make a solo album of pop standards. Quite the opposite, this unsettling diptych of cut-up instrumentation and field recordings is as outré as they come.

It works, though. The main piece, entitled ‘A No Place’ is 20 minutes of scything backwards loops, frayed string plucks, horror movie piano and sonorously whispered vocal interventions, repeated for two-and-a-half minutes during the closing ‘Coda’. It’s eerie and inventive, although possibly unlistenable to all but those who appreciate the art of noise.