Thank you (4 stars)

Thank you

13th Note, Glasgow, Mon 2 Nov 2009

Ironically, Thank You seem pretty appreciative tonight. They thank the support bands multiple times and the assembled crowd too, who form an exclusive club of culture vulture meets prog nerds at the cosy, vegetarian café cum dingy basement that is the 13th Note.

The Baltimore band are relatively recent recruits to the indie label phenomenom that is Thrill Jockey, whose roster includes the likes of the Fiery Furnaces and Tortoise. And tonight, their near-instrumental musings suitably impress. It’s a kinetic bomb blast of guitar, drums, organs and a lot in between, but to the uninitiated, it threatens to become a little overwhelming. With song titles lacking, and the experimental nature of Thank You’s music prevalent, it dangerously veers towards inward-looking, spaced out litany.

But with some twisted Bloc Party-at-Hallowe’en jaggedness and prolapse inducing low end from the guitar, it transpires to be vitally engaging stuff. The absence of discernable melody however stops this trio from transcending normality and reaching unpalatable levels of music-making, but they don’t care and neither does this appreciative crowd.

Thank You, Quack Quack and Teenage Ricky

  • 4 stars

Cry Parrot night featuring Thrill Jockey artist Thank You, and Leeds prog/post-punk trio Quack Quack.

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