Five things you might not know about: Pam Ann

Five things you might not know about: Pam Ann

1: Nightmare trolley dolly Pam Ann is the creation of Aussie comic Caroline Reid whose first experience of air travel came at the age of eight on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney. Seems that her mum stuck her girl on a plane as an ‘unattended minor’ every now and again just so her mum could ‘get a bit of peace’.

2: At the age of 21, Reid dressed up as Cher and won a lip sync competition in a Melbourne club. Little did Reid know then that she would support Cher on the UK leg of her farewell tour in 2004.

3: Around 1996, Reid conceived Pam at a fancy dress party when she went into full-blown unpleasant air hostess mode after sinking a substantial number of sakis.

4: She played a judge in the British wedding ‘comedy’, Confetti.

5: When she’s not bitching about economy class passengers and other airlines, Pam is unabashed about her anti-green views, claiming the bigger her carbon footprint the better, ‘especially if it’s wearing a Manolo Blahnik’.

King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 22 Nov.

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